Asia - Nov-Dec-Jan

Seasonal Activities

Gantan or New Year’s Day (most auspicious day spent visiting shrines)

Jan – Feb ( annual) / Sentosa Island / Sentosa Flowers
During Sentosa Flowers, tropical Sentosa Island in Singapore is in full spring bloom and footpaths, roundabouts, boardwalks and roads are lined with vivid colour. The Imbiah Lookout and Palawan Beach provide entertainment to add to the fun.

Nov 4 (annual) / Thyanboche Gompa (monastery) / Mani Rimdu
Illuminated by the eerie silver light of the full moon, in the upper reaches of the rooftop of the world, Buddhist monks enact an ancient story. Their monastery at Thyangbache, where Mani Rimdu is performed, is a day's hike from any other human habitation bar the occasional wattle-and-daub hut where trekkers may rest along the way.

Nov 27 (annual) / Bangladesch / The Great Feast - Qurban Bayram or the "Great Festival". The 'Festival of Sacrifice' is one of the most important days in the Islamic calendar. It commemorates both the end of the Hajj pilgrimage and the willingness of Abraham to sacrifice his son for God.

Jan (annual) – Bhogi Pongal, this celebration of the harvest is the biggest event of the year for the people of Tamil Nadu in Southern India / TAMIL NADU

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